Therapeutic poem

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

We believed in him
my whole family did
but he left us to the vultures.

My sister was his latest victim
a sole believer but he left her too.

Fibroid took her body
we prayed but he was far to hear
we sang but he tunes off.

Pains overpowered her

Endoscopic Poetry

Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

I was eighteen, flawed and stupid
raised by a single mum.

Dad went to heaven early
left us sooner for God’s work.

Mum sacrificed all and everything
worked seven days a week just for me.

Life was hard, I mean viciously hard
sometimes I prayed to give up the ghost.

Poem About Life, God And Appreciation

Plaint Poem

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

First mum attempted to abort me
but God barely saved my life.

My whole life is emotional
living through the eyes of others.

Yes, I’m blind
not just blind but graphically blind.

God chose this fate for me
I didn’t.
God chose this path for me
without my consent.


Poem of encouragement

Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash

Years of chaos and sufferings,
brought me here.

Bitterness and depression
propelled me to this point.

People like you pushed me here
and now you ask me why?

I wanted to end it all,
I mean my life: Every day.

I cut my wrist multiple times,
went to shrink uncountable times…

Poetry Prompt — Day 1

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

As a child,
I appreciate not your sacrifices,
I rebelled and almost ran away,
now, I know better.

Life is not a fable,
I have grown mum,
now, I see the world from your lens,
I understand better.

I can’t appreciate you enough,
I can’t repay for your love,
but I promise…


Elegy Poem

Photo by Kevin André on Unsplash

Born handicapped,
pitied by everyone and everywhere.

Isolated from family and society,
bitter, angry, abandoned and rejected.

When I play with friends,
beating me doesn’t count.

People pass me like I’m invisible,
pushed and kicked on like a football.

I don’t know what happiness is,
I felt and still feel less…

John Uzuegbu

A born writer, a poet, an author and a crypto vet. Author — Survival of the young poet|

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