Poem of encouragement

Years of chaos and sufferings,
brought me here.

Bitterness and depression
propelled me to this point.

People like you pushed me here
and now you ask me why?

I wanted to end it all,
I mean my life: Every day.

I cut my wrist multiple times,
went to shrink uncountable times.

You hide behind a handle,
spread hate and call me weak.

You fat shame me for fun,
design memes just to bully me.

I was depressed because of you,
we used to be friends,
but now, you make caricatures of me.

My crime?
I do not know.

I survived,


Elegy Poem

Born handicapped,
pitied by everyone and everywhere.

Isolated from family and society,
bitter, angry, abandoned and rejected.

When I play with friends,
beating me doesn’t count.

People pass me like I’m invisible,
pushed and kicked on like a football.

I don’t know what happiness is,
I felt and still feel less human.

Because I’m blind doesn’t make me useless,
because I’m deaf and dumb doesn’t make me alien,
because I’m crippled doesn’t make me invisible,
because I’m handicap is not a justification to trash me.

Life is a season,
mine are winters mixed with tsunami and diluted with hurricanes,
the horrors of…


Poetry Commentary

Division echoes near in our midst
racism compounded with sermons
spectators diluting truth with fictions
and my people brainwashed by the mainstream.

Slavery quenched with unity
patriotism uprooted out of anger
our forefathers sacrificed all for posterity.

Now, history books purged
re-written with vicious myth
propaganda for division and sour seed.

Diversity glued us together
religion eliminated from the constitution
trust and God codified in our bills.

Dust left for dust
friendships formed for a new beginning
for us and generations ahead.

Mistakes were forgotten and forgiven
alliances established for the common good
laws enacted with equity.

Decades passed with…

Lack of love can break even the strongest men

Melancholy Poem

I grew up in twelve foster homes,
maltreated, rejected and betrayed.

Pushed aside at sixteen,
homeless, motherless and fatherless.

The street took me in,
fed me crack cocaine and needles.

Always high and slow,
awake but absent.

I’m weak and addicted to black rock,
a problem I can’t fix.

Now, society judges me like everyone else,
perfect people with perfect lives: Pun intended.

My journey is such a pathetic one,
chaotic and predestined.

I never had love or happiness,
my whole life is painted with rejections and torture.

I’m horn-mad with destiny and God,
for setting me up for failure.

Poetry Prompt — Day 1

As a child,
I appreciate not your sacrifices,
I rebelled and almost ran away,
now, I know better.

Life is not a fable,
I have grown mum,
now, I see the world from your lens,
I understand better.

I can’t appreciate you enough,
I can’t repay for your love,
but I promise to be there for you,
I promise to be a better man.

Your tears can dry now,
you will never cry again.

Pray for me mum,
my sun is still rising,
your blessings shall be my guide,
and your motherly love will be my pride.

Write A Short…

Poetry about choice and life

Poetry Prompt — Day 6

I choose happiness,
the true essence of light.

I choose happiness,
in the midst of sorrow.

I choose to be happy,
it’s my right, not a privilege.

I choose happiness,
it’s a memory and memorable.

I choose happiness,
for I’m grateful to God.

I choose happiness,
it’s the glue that binds us together.

I choose happiness,
it’s the direction of peace.

I choose happiness,
It’s all that I have.

I had a lot to choose from but I took happiness. Most people easily forget how important happiness is until sorrow, turmoil and chaos kicks in.

Happiness is peace and happiness…


Poetry Prompt — Day 6

I have never felt love before,
those who came close took mine away.

My whole life is a mystery,
from a broken home to shattered relationships.

I’m only but a walking zombie,
lonely and shrinking from inside.

I lost faith in myself years ago,
bullied by peers and molested by fate.

Mom was never loved,
couldn’t offer what she never had,
and Dad was never around.

I had everything other than love,
I’m broken from the inside.

Love is the foundation of humanity and without it, we are all empty. So in essence, life without love is broken.

Thank you…

Love Poem

A four-letter word that binds humanity

Love is a simulation of what our world was designed to be.

Everyone has a love story, beautiful, humane, elegant, trustworthy and jealous. What is your story?

I have initiated One-Line Poem: What is love? as a means for us to collaborate, share thoughts, sharpen our voices, pour out our hearts, and relate.

If you would like to participate, please tag me John Uzuegbu, embed the previous poem before yours, include the number [#], and define love.

The purpose of this One-Line Poem is for us to define love on our own terms.

John Uzuegbu

A born writer, a poet, an author and a crypto vet. Author — Survival of the young poet| https://www.amazon.com/Survival-young-poet-Uzuegbu-Munonye/dp/1466918020

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