The launch of bitcoin a few years back changed not only the financial sectors but all aspect of our lives.

Today we are no longer discussing bitcoin, blockchain or smart contracts but something deeper, evolving and lavishing. It's called NFT(Non-fungible Token), the future of the smart contract.

NFT in this era is something unique and distinct. A Jpeg, PNG or MP4 file is minted in the smart contract, bid and sold more than the cost of a house. I witness the sale of a png picture at the cost of $18 Million, just a picture.

Three different words or terms have been coined from this invention. Those who buy NFT are called Collectors, the artists are called creators and the NFT or pictures are called collectables.

The most surprising is not the NFT but Millions that goes directly to the creators on daily basis, boycotting the middlemen. In the future, imagine how useful this invention can be for musicians. They can sell their music directly to fans.

Well, I am in this NFT ecosystem, are you?.

The most popular platforms are:




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